Another Update to The Soarer Bible – The Ultimate Soarer Resource Pack

We’ve now added the absolute ultimate collection of Third Generation Toyota Soarer related documents. Including:

  • The Soarer Bible with our aesthetic overhaul and other fixes – viewable online and now downloadable too
  • Soarer wiring diagrams translated into English
  • Toyota electronic parts catalogue
  • Some other assorted useful documents

The entire collection can also be downloaded as one large (1.2GB) file for your convenience.

The documents, the link to The Soarer Bible and the Ultimate Soarer Resource Pack can be found here:

We believe this to be the best collection of Third Generation Toyota Soarer related documents on the internet and all available absolutely free.

M’s FBC Fuzzy Boost Controller Added

Seen various posts online by people looking for an instruction manual for the lovely M’s FBC so I’ve added it. See here:

M’s Autolook Motor Sports

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Update to The Soarer Bible

We’ve spent a bit of time updating The Soarer Bible. It’s had a bit of an aesthetic overhaul, made the buttons easier to use particularly for mobile users. We’ve also fixed all dud images, everything should load correctly now.

Find it here:

General Soarer documents and a link to The Soarer Bible can also be found here:

Still here

We’re still here! We do keep things up to date and secure for you guys in the background. We’re going to try and put an update together soon, promise! Meanwhile, any submissions are welcome – we’d appreciate your assistance.

More Soarer related documents uploaded today

More Soarer related documents uploaded today including some more from The Soarer Bible:

• Some general 1JZ information including part numbers and interchangeable parts
• The workshop service manual for JZ series of engines (1 & 2JZ GE & GTE) in Japanese (torque settings and other bits in pieces in English and many diagrams)
• Some diagnostic/error code information
• UZZ32 TEMS suspension information and error codes
• Partial Soarer wiring diagrams and information in English

Get them here from the website:

Soarer JZZ30 – The Soarer Bible!

There’s going to be a new section with car service/workshop manuals coming soon (I promise!) but in the meantime I’ve uploaded “The Soarer Bible” – this is extremely difficult to get hold of but you can now view it online here. The structure is unchanged from it’s original format, to be honest it’s well outdated in terms of style but it does the job! Enjoy!

Find it here:

I’m still alive!

Made a few changes to the website today to streamline the way the pages load, not much changed on the surface but it should be a little faster now.

I’m going to add a new section soon for car service manuals and other guides – stay tuned!

Long time no see! HKS EVC-S

Long time since the last update. I’ve added an unofficial EVC-S manual basically cobbled together out of any diagrams and bits of the manual I could find online. Hopefully it’ll help some people, as far as I can tell, there’s no full scan of this manual online anywhere.